Become an Educator!

Become a SILX Global Educator

***** OUR NEXT TRAINING IS MONDAY, AUGUST 15th and will be done virtually! This training date is non-negotiable. Please consider this prior to completing the application! ******

We are seeking top level stylists who are or want to become proficient in Hand-Tied Extensions using our exclusive ILLUSION Method by Jes Davis.  The stylists chosen will be trained & equipped to run their own SILX Education Courses. They will make 100% revenue from any person they bring into the class. There are no class minimums that they need to meet- the amount of people that they are able to teach is truly up to them. We invest in our educators and trust them to host the amount of classes that works best for their schedule. They may also be asked to lead corporate education seminars depending on the need within that area which they can decline or accept. For more information email

Requirements for the position:

  • Currently proficient or want to become proficient in ILLUSION Concealed Track Method (A Hand-Tied extension application exclusive to Silx Global) 
  • Loves leading & educating others (We are looking for self-starter individuals)
  • Radiates positivity & professionalism under all circumstances through actions, verbiage, follow-through & initiative
  • Established stylists with years of experience behind the chair OR exceptionally driven stylists who are ready to hit the ground running!

Expectations of our Educators:

  • Must sign an agreement to exclusively use SILX hair extensions unless for some reason they are not available ie: (out of stock)
  • Must complete our online training for the SILX ILLUSION Method
  • Must be able to install our hair extensions proficiently the ILLUSION way
  • Must specify whether they are able or willing to lead corporate education events in the future put on by SILX Global corporate
  • Must be able to market & host education trainings using SILX’s brand / brand photography / brand training manual & verbiage
  • Must be willing to sign a photo release so we can further promote each educator on our social media platform & website

How much is an Educator expected to make?

Once trained and active, our SILX Certified Educators make 100% of their Education Income. In other words, if you charge $1295 per person to attend your hand tied application class you will make $1295 per person that attends. We ask for a $150 referral for anybody we refer to your class. The potential to make thousands of dollars in one day is absolutely feasible and will depend on the amount of people you can get to attend. 

We have a pricing structure that we follow that has worked very well for us. The more people attending your classes the more of a discount you are able to give each person. We always give educators the room to be able to give special discounts however we have a standard that we follow to ensure that you are always charging what our personalized education is worth! 


What does it cost to become a SILX educator?

The cost to become an educator is $3995 BUT for a VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY- we are allowing the first THREE to enter our May 16th Educator Certification for $2995!

If you are NOT currently trained in ILLUSION Method (our proprietary concealed track method) you will need to complete our virtual training which will be shadowed by our Lead Educator, Jes Davis. The cost of this online training is an additional $995.00.

What does the May 16 educator training include?

This includes a MANDATORY virtual training that will teach you how to host your own SILX education class we will certify you as a SILX ILLUSION Educator & grant you the license to host your own classes. 

    Our educator training (private) will include:

    • Intro/history of SILX Global
    • Virtual training on how to host your own ILLUSION Class
    • Education about our hair
    • Outline for hosting a SILX ILLUSION class
    • Education material & outline to give your attendees
    • Expectations of a SILX Certified Educator
    • Sales training for future classes
    • Brand Content for social media/ work space & future classes
    • Official ILLUSION Educator Certificate 

    Serious applicants only. SILX will schedule a follow up call with educators that we feel are a good fit within 72 hours of receiving each application. For more information email