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Sparkles Kit

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A business in a box. Everything you need to get yourself started as an Affiliate or official Partner Salon offering SILX Sparkles.

Inside you’ll find 1,200 Silx Sparkles. We provide 100 strands of each of our 12 signature colors to start. You’ll also find 2 SILX Picks used to install the sparkles with your clients, as well as a display stand and carrying case for the whole set up.

Finally, you’ll receive a Credit Card Reader system for use in accepting payments form your clients (note that Salon owners can use their own Point of Sale System…contact us for more details).

Along with the Starter Kit you will receive all necessary training right from SILX Global and the support group information for questions as you get going. We are continually adding to our library of training and support materials, and offer prompt support if you have any questions.

The fee to become a SILX Affiliate is detailed below. This fee is valid for our Founding 100 affiliates. Fees are subject to change thereafter.

One-time Enrollment Fee: $895

  • 1200 SILX sparkles ($4800 of value)
  • 2 SILX tools
  • Custom made SILX transport and display case
  • Square Payments card reader
  • Training videos and support

Wholesale Strand Reorders:

  • Purchase sparkle refills packages for your kit at wholesale pricing
  • Quantity discounts
  • Special edition colors and exclusive colors available seasonally

Once you purchase your Affiliate starter kit, you will be sent information about receiving your Affiliate Startup Kit and how to set up a Square Payments account so you can begin accepting money. SILX recommends Square Payments, but other payment platforms exist, which you are welcome to use.

Becoming a SILX Affiliate means you are starting your own business. Please consult a tax professional for advice on how that impacts your taxes.

By purchasing this Affiliate Starter Kit, you agree to all Terms & Conditions listed on this site. SILX Global reserves the right to update these terms from time to time and will notify you of changes via email.

Our Affiliate Program creates the opportunity to make money while sharing something special when and where you like. Our product has been tested to withstand heat up to 450 degrees and you will not be able to purchase our SILX anywhere other than directly through SILX Global. We send you all the supplies, tools, and training you need to get started! The process of placing SILX in someone's hair can be done almost anywhere and does not require a cosmetology license. It's the ultimate "side hustle" for women looking to create income and get more connected in their communities. We only share our proprietary tying method with SILX affiliates. With our proprietary "tie in" method, the SILX will stay in the hair until the hair strand falls out. Join our team of women & get started in your area today!

Starting your SILX business.

Becoming a SILX Affiliate gives you the opportunity to create income while doing something you love! Our "Business in a Box" kit includes a starter pack of 1200 SILX, the tools needed to tie them into client's hair, and customized training videos and support to get you started. We pride ourselves in sending our affiliates a “business in a box” and we give them everything they need to start making money immediately! Once your SILX Kit arrives, you'll be ready to start sharing SILX with your friends, family & community!

What makes a great Affiliate?

  • Looking for a "side hustle" or a way to create income on their own terms
  • Entrepreneurial, self-starter, business-minded
  • Friendly, outgoing, and excited to meet new people
  • Social media savvy
  • Loves making other women feel beautiful

Our typical Affiliates sell between $150 - $250 during a 2 hour pop up event/party and the potential to make more than that at private events like birthday parties, weddings, sports events and more is endless! Becoming a SILX affiliate gives you the ability to make $20 in 5 minutes putting SILX in the hair. Also, our affiliates make 100% profit. We do not take a cut of their earnings. As an Affiliate, you are in control of how much you work and what opportunities you take to share SILX in your market. Our Affiliate Mentorship Team will also help you find new ways to share SILX and grow your business.

Affiliates are NOT employees of SILX, you are creating your own Independent SILX Affiliate business and are responsible for all taxes, fees, licenses, etc associated.

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