The ILLUSION™ Method

ILLUSION™ by Jes Davis - Exclusive to SILX Global
is a brand new Hand-Tied hair extension install method. ILLUSION™ by Jes Davis is launching Spring 2020!
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“ILLUSION™” created by Jes Davis is exclusive to SILX Global!

  • The ILLUSION™ method is a patent-pending advanced extension installation method that allows the track and beads to be completely hidden!
  • Nothing compares to this installation method
  • Extensions installed the ILLUSION™ way run directional with the natural growth of hair, zero over-direction.
  • ILLUSION™ will not compromise the integrity of your hair and is truly weightless and comfortable.
  • String does not run from bead to bead which creates the most comfortable hair extension experience!
  • This method has been tested in a multitude of ways and on multiple people to ensure that it is not only safe and gentle on your hair, but is the BEST method for thick and thin hair!
  • ILLUSION™ is a concealed track and results in minimal shedding because hair integrity is not compromised.
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