LUXE Halo Hair Extensions | 9.1 - Kitten
LUXE Halo Hair Extensions | 9.1 - Kitten
LUXE Halo Hair Extensions | 9.1 - Kitten

LUXE Halo Hair Extensions | 9.1 - Kitten

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Our LUXE Halo Extensions are made with a simple design, that is self-applied and will not damage the growth of your natural hair!

  • The easiest way to get longer, thicker hair in minutes- right at home.
  • Can last up to 5 years+ with proper care and high quality hair products
  • Can be washed and heat styled like your own hair
  • Made from premium quality, 100% Remy LUXURY human hair.
  • Causes absolutely zero damage to your natural hair
  • Sourced ethically and made sustainably

Will ship within 7 days. Schedule your client 2 weeks out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Breanna Stroup

Not guaranteed (no exchange or refund if you don’t like it)
Said on website “in stock” and ready to ship (didn’t receive for 3 weeks)
Smelled terrible!! Like wet dog
Color was not consistent from roots to ends ( I have pictures of inconsistency)
With other Halo company’s the hair comes in a nice reusable box with a protective netting around the hair, they come with an extra wire for the client just in case theirs breaks. This one came on a crumpled piece of thick construction paper.
Super frustrated with this company and will not be purchasing again



“Hands down- the best hair I have ever ordered. I’ve been a stylist for 17 years. Nothing compares!”

Emily R., Stylist

“I have worn PRINCESS 22" extensions from SILX Global for the past 9 months. Besides extensions just changing my life by giving me long hair for the first time ever, the color and quality of this hair is outstanding. I really love how it feels; it's soft, natural, and it shines. The shade is absolutely PERFECT and I have so many people ask me about my hair (they think it's natural, i.e. my own hair, by the way). My stylist is able to color my natural hair perfectly to match the wefts that I wear and I am absolutely so impressed with this experience. Thank you, SILX, for giving me the best hair life I have ever had in 49 years!”

Dawn D.

“The hair was great quality and was just what I needed and how I imagined it would come. Very happy with my purchase.”

Sarah R.

“I love the color midnight! It is the prettiest rich dark brown, the hair is always the best quality. You can't beat it!”

Johnna K.

“I have been a stylist in the industry for 20 years and have used many brands and techniques. I can say HANDS DOWN…. SILX exceeds all in the quality of hair offered and education!  The hair is so easy to work with and lasts months longer then any hair I have used in the past. The hand-tied method is so gentle on the hair that there is virtually no damage and the grow out is phenomenal! Im sold with SILX and now being apart of this amazing company as an educator I have been at the top of my game for my forever growing business!”

Karley F., Stylist

“Love this company! The new ILLUSION™ method feels so light on your hair! It also makes it impossible to see with any hair-do. It doesn’t hurt when you first have them! It feels free— the closest thing to natural hair with extensions!”

Bri M., Client

“I’ve worn many different types of hair extensions and I am loving the ILLUSION™ Method the most. The placement is gentle on my hair and it feels and looks so natural. The new ILLUSION™ method is definitely a game changer. Whether I wear my hair up or down- they blend so naturally with my own hair. They don’t tug or pull whatsoever; in fact, I barely notice they’re there! I love this hair and I love the ILLUSION™ Method!”

Audrey F., Client

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